Young people urged to consider apprenticeships

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Young people urged to consider apprenticeships (image credit: iStock/monkeybusinessimages)

In the wake of the publication of this year's A-level results earlier in August, young people up and down the country are being asked to consider a form of training they may not have thought of in the past.

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) believes more young people should examine the benefits of joining apprenticeship programmes, as enterprises across the country are crying out for eager, young minds that they can mould into productive members of their teams.

FSB national chairman Mike Cherry argued that more than a quarter of the organisation's members are considering taking on more apprentices right now and this represents a significant opportunity for A-level graduates to expand their skills and enter into professions they may otherwise not have considered.

"While A-level results day always brings talk of university places, we should not forget the value of practical, vocational education to employers and individuals," he stated.

"Vocational training has become an increasingly attractive option for young people keen to earn as they learn and who may be put off by the rising cost and uncertain returns of a university degree."

Mr Cherry concluded that two-thirds of apprentices aged between 16 and 19 across the UK go on to long-term employment with the organisation they originally trained with.

Apprenticeships therefore represent an excellent way for young people to embark on a lasting and fulfilling career, while providing the necessary skills to meet the needs of the UK's businesses of tomorrow.