Work placement popularity boost for UK plc

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Work placement popularity boost for UK plc (image credit: iStock/gpointstudio)

Young people and businesses across the UK are benefiting from the provision of more work placements that are helping to provide essential experience for the UK's next generation of skilled professionals.

This is the conclusion of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), which has published new figures highlighting how almost half a million sector-based work academy pre-employment training placements have been secured by eager young people since 2012.

Indeed, the DWP's Youth Offer programme has revealed that every week, as many as 2,000 youth work experience placements take place across the UK.

These placements offer the opportunity for young people to sample the reality of working life in a range of industries, helping to better prepare them for their transition from the world of education to that of employment.

Minister for employment Damian Hinds commented: "The Youth Offer benefits everybody, with businesses tapping in to fresh new talent, individuals reaping the reward of a regular wage, and concrete evidence for taxpayers that our plan to help young people into work is paying off.

"We're making Britain a country that works for everyone - not just the privileged few - and that includes our young people."

Mr Hinds concluded that levels of youth unemployment across the country have been dramatically reduced since the start of the decade and are now down by more than 300,000 in comparison to 2010.