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UK growth hub network complete (image credit: iStock/ismagilov)

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has issued an update on the state of the nation's small business growth hub network, with the department pleased to announce that it is now complete.

In total, 100 per cent of the UK's 4.7 million small businesses now reside within an area that is covered by a growth hub, with these facilities able to provide a simple way for corporate leaders to receive, support, guidance and advice on issues affecting them.

There are 39 growth hubs now in operation across the UK, including a range of local and national, public and private sector partnerships, such as Local Enterprise Zones, Chambers of Commerce, universities, banking institutions and more.

Business minister Anna Soubry stated: "Growth hubs have already helped thousands of businesses and, with the full network up and running, every registered business in England can access the expertise they need to succeed.

"They will help entrepreneurs boost their business and create more jobs for people in the local area."

Welcoming the potential positive impact of these hubs on UK small business growth, head of policy at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Ben Willmott added that the completion of the network will help to embed the message that there is advice and support available for the UK's small business leaders across the whole of the country.