TUC welcomes naming and shaming of NMW offenders

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Companies that fail to pay the NMW are being outed by the government

TUC has welcomed the announcement of new details regarding those employers across the UK that are failing in their duty to pay the national minimum wage (NMW) to their staff.

The TUC's statement follows the publication of NMW data from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) that revealed the names of the latest batch of UK businesses that have been underpaying their workers in recent months.

In total, the 75 named firms owe their staff a combined £153,000 in unpaid income, with the types of companies spanning all manner of sector, ranging from fashion houses to publishers, retailers to social care providers.

TUC general secretary Frances O'Grady said: "Naming and shaming cheating employers is a move in the right direction by the government. But with hundreds of employers being caught underpaying each year, naming and shaming is just the first step."

Ms O'Grady added that the maximum fine for businesses prosecuted for failure to pay the NMW should now be raised to £75,000, as this would represent a stronger deterrent for unscrupulous business operators.

Repeat offenders and those that intentionally falsify records should feel the full weight of the law bear down upon them, and this means not only ensuring those who have been underpaid are fully reimbursed for their efforts, but that companies be hit far more significantly than they are right now.

Since the practice of naming and shaming NMW offenders was introduced in October 2013, a total of 285 UK businesses have been outed by BIS, with combined arrears of more than £788,000 and total penalties in excess of £325,000.

Following the publication of the latest raft of NMW offenders, business minister Nick Boles stated: "As a one nation government on the side of working people we are determined that everyone who is entitled to the NMW receives it."