SMEs offered guidance on flood protection

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Business owners have been urged to take steps to protect themselves in the event of flooding.

According to the Know Your Flood Risk campaign, record levels of rainfall were recorded in the UK just over a year ago.

This, it said, led to the Environment Agency issuing more than 90 severe flood warnings.

The campaign noted that this prompted the Committee on Climate Change to state that flood events are something that Britons need to be mindful of every year.

As a result, it has insisted that business leaders and commercial property owners must take this threat seriously and implement precautionary measures.

Mary Dhonau, chief executive of the Know Your Flood Risk campaign, commented: "It’s vital that [they] take steps now to make sure that, should the worst happen and water breach their premises, they are prepared and have taken steps to lessen the negative impact on both the building and their business interests."

The group has therefore sought to motivate firms of all sizes into taking action by launching a new Guide to Flood Resilience designed especially for businesses.

This includes an emergency plan template that advised business owners what they can do to make their premises more resilient to flooding.

Know Your Flood Risk hopes that by encouraging firms to take precautionary steps, those that do fall victim to flooding will be able to recover much more quickly.