Small business leaders 'need a break'

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Small business leaders 'need a break' (image credit: iStock/SIphotography)

A considerable number of small business leaders across the UK are placing their long-term health at risk by failing to adequately disengage from their daily responsibilities and take a holiday.

Creating the time to relax and unwind is an important part of developing a healthy work-life balance, but there are a growing number of UK business leaders that are yet to make this realisation.

Research published by insurer Zurich showed that in the last 12 months, almost one-third of the nation's small and medium-sized business owners (29 per cent) did not take a break that lasted longer than five days.

Overall, of the more than 1,000 respondents to the company's poll, 31 per cent stated they took fewer than 15 days holiday in the last year, while nearly one in ten (eight per cent) revealed they did not take a single day off.

This was in stark comparison to key decision-makers at larger firms, where 57 per cent stated they took their full allocation of vacation time in the last 12 months - in many cases more than 25 days.

Anne Griffiths, head of SME propositions at Zurich UK, commented: "Employees at larger businesses are reporting the freedom to take more holiday without affecting business operations, where smaller businesses are really feeling the strain in holiday season. The sheer responsibility of owning a business is clearly weighing heavy on business owners' shoulders.

"It is imperative that small business owners are making use of all the support available to them to make sure their businesses are healthy and stable enough to take some well-deserved time off."