Small Business Commissioner 'must be a priority'

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Creating a new Small Busineess Commissioner should be a government priority (image credit: iStock/dolgachov)

Following the Royal Assent of the Enterprise Bill earlier this month (May 4th), the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) now believes that the appointment of a Small Business Commissioner must be a priority.

One of the significant issues that has plagued the nation's smaller operators for many years has been the issue of late payments and it is hoped that the creation of this new post will play a crucial role in addressing this problem in the near future.

FSB national chairman Mike Cherry stated: "This Commissioner has the potential to make a real impact on addressing bad practice across the UK economy's payment culture.

"However, the role must have a clear focus on tackling supply chain bullying, and sufficient powers to intervene and resolve late payment disputes in a timely and effective way."

He added that understanding the remit, targets and candidate requirements of the new Commissioner position will now be an important step in delivering lasting benefits for many of the UK's smaller companies, and this is something the FSB will hope to play a role in over the coming months.

Overall, the FSB stated that one of the key components of ensuring the new Commissioner is able to tackle the "mammoth problem" of late payments in the UK will be to provide sufficient resources to the new post in order to achieve this. Again, this is something the FSB will be lobbying the government to ensure in the months ahead.