Ofcom pledges business broadband improvements

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Superfast broadband is required by businesses up and down the country

UK communications industry regulator Ofcom has pledged it will be doing everything in its power to bolster the rollout of superfast broadband connectivity to the nation's business customers in the years ahead.

Ofcom chief executive Sharon White argued that at present, small businesses across the country are far less well-served when it comes to accessing the latest online technologies, speeds and connections.

It is therefore important that this situation is addressed in the coming months to ensure a level playing field for all companies, thereby forging a brighter future for smaller businesses, local communities and for the nation  as a whole.

She stated: "We know mobile data is increasingly vital to businesses. So we've set rules to ensure that virtually all homes and offices - 98 per cent - must receive an indoor 4G mobile signal by the end of next year.

"That must include at least 95 per cent of homes and offices in each UK nation - including Scotland."

This latest pledge will come as a welcome boost to businesses up and down the country, as access to the fastest and most reliable broadband services can be a considerable boon in helping firms to expand and reach a wider customer base.

Responding to Ms White's statement, Mike Cherry, policy director at the Federation of Small Businesses, stated that the body will now do all it can to support the regulator in boosting online connectivity in the years ahead.

He concluded: "Poor quality of service is a major barrier to firms who want to do more online. Ofcom is right to focus on raising minimum standards and making it easier to navigate the market."