Ministers call on builders to invest in talent

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The building sector is being urged to create thousands of new jobs

Ministers are calling on members of the UK's construction industry to open their doors to new talent, thereby helping to create a new generation of skilled construction professionals and creating thousands of new jobs.

Following a marked increase in home building across the country in recent months, Westminster officials now wish to see greater levels of investment in delivering apprenticeship and training programmes for new entrants to the field.

It is hoped that by doing so, the industry will be safeguarding these levels of growth to ensure more new homes can be built in the years ahead - helping to address the nation's ongoing shortage of available residential properties.

Housing minister Brandon Lewis said: "The number of new homes is up 25 per cent in the last year ... This means thousands of jobs are now up for grabs and we’re determined to make sure that there are enough skilled workers to get the job done.

"Construction offers an exciting and rewarding career and we need to build a new generation of homegrown talented, ambitious and highly skilled construction workers."

Builders of all sizes are therefore being encouraged to examine new models of construction that could foster an increased focus on skills development.

The Construction Leadership Council is working closely with the government to identify potential actions that will help bring more workers to the industry, while also examining ways to drive increased investment in the sector.

A greater use of off-site construction practices is one area where the council plans to focus, as well as the creation of a plan to support the government's efforts of building an additional 275,000 affordable homes during the course of this parliament.