Internet of Things 'improving office security'

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Credit: chombosan via iStock

The emergence of Internet of Things-based technology has had a positive impact on office security, experts have stated.

According to Kamil Fetouni, digital marketing manager at alarm systems manufacturer Verisure, most commercially available products consisted of a basic detection system and on-site alarm as recently as five or six years ago.

Indeed, he said these devices would "at most" link to a central response centre via telephone cables, Tech City News reports.

However, Mr Fetouni believes the proliferation of web-enabled devices today means modern security systems can offer a "much more connected experience".

"Central response centres can access the whole security system online, allowing them to better monitor and respond to threats," he commented.

"Users can also do this through their mobile devices, offering greater control and constant peace of mind."

Linden Tibbets, chief executive of IFTTT, added that the typical office is filled with many different models from various manufacturers.

"The connected office of the future isn’t going to be any different," he said.

"Devices that bring security and peace of mind now come in all shapes and sizes, from a limitless number of service providers."

Mr Tibbets therefore believes office security has become much more accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

This, he said, is because they no longer have to pay thousands of pounds for a complete system that requires custom installation.

Instead, they can "build something that works for them, one device at a time".