FSB supports National Mentoring Day

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FSB supports National Mentoring Day (image credit: iStock/Devonyu)

This year's National Mentoring Day (October 27th) aims to provide support to organisations across the UK - a day that has received the full support of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

Bringing together industry experts with new-starters in their field is a great way to pass on knowledge and to help build a network of support for the nation's burgeoning small business sector.

It also provides organisations with the means to support their staff, with everyone from top executives to apprentices able to learn new skills, ways of coping and how to add value in their field.

FSB national chairman Mike Cherry said that all businesses need a helping hand from time to time, and it is therefore important to recognise the role that mentoring schemes can play in helping companies to reach their next level of growth.

Indeed, the aim of National Mentoring Day is to improve awareness of the many nationwide and local mentoring schemes that are currently in operation across the country, with businesses of all sizes able to make use of these services.

Overall, the national day has been organised to ensure all businesses - from sole traders to the largest corporations - have access to an effective mentoring programme before the end of the decade. The aim of National Mentoring day is also to help the UK become a global leader in this type of organisational support.

"For small businesses to succeed, the UK needs to pull out all the stops to ensure business owners have the support they need," Mr Cherry concluded. "We know from research how essential mentoring is in making the difference between success and failure for start-ups and for encouraging the productivity growth we all want to see.

"From successful businesses looking to expand and export to a new apprentice just starting out, mentoring can make a big difference and FSB is proud to support National Mentoring Day."

Indeed, figures provided by the FSB have shown how 70 per cent of small businesses that receive support through ongoing mentoring schemes survive for five years or more - twice the rate for organisations that do not have access to this type of support.

In addition, research carried out by Sage.com shows that 97 per cent of individuals who take part in these programmes find them to be extremely valuable, while 55 per cent of respondents believe that having access to a knowledgeable and approachable mentor can help their enterprise to succeed.