FSB: Crunch time for election candidates

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Small companies need the support of newly-elected officials up and down the country (image credit: iStock/Yuri_Arcurs)

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has issued a call to all candidates and parties taking part in local, parliamentary and Police Commissioner elections across the UK in the coming weeks to place a strong focus on supporting the nation's small business operators.

Having engaged with thousands of members across the nation in recent weeks, the FSB now hopes to ensure all candidates place the needs of small businesses in their area as a top priority, as championing the UK's smaller operators will provide considerable benefits both in terms of community enrichment and helping to bolster the national economy.

In total, the UK is home to approximately 5.4 million small to medium-sized enterprises and these organisations must be viewed as the lifeblood of the economic recovery.

Creating manifestos bespoke to each individual region, the FSB has therefore aimed to highlight those measures that would be of the greatest benefit to local small business operators.

FSB national chairman Mike Cherry commented: "FSB has worked hard to create individual manifestos for Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and London to reflect the diversity of small businesses in each nation and region and their varied needs.

"We have created a manifesto called 'Tackling Business Crime' outlining what small businesses in England and Wales need from Police and Crime Commissioners. We have also contacted candidates standing in local elections throughout England.

"It's now crunch time and we would encourage small firms to vote tomorrow and make sure their voice is heard and reflected in a debate that will no doubt affect their future."

Mr Cherry added that when elections are held on May 6th, it presents a real opportunity for new holders of positions of authority to make a lasting impact on the country's business environment.

By addressing the common problems and obstacles that hold back small companies in their area, these individuals hold the key to promoting a more prosperous future for all. As a result, the FSB hopes to work closely with many of these elected officials in the coming years to deliver lasting improvements to businesses and communities that will be for the benefit of all.