CBI reacts to Liam Fox jibes on UK business leaders

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CBI reacts to Liam Fox jibes on UK business leaders (image credit: iStock/cybrain)

The CBI has issued a strong rebuttal to recent disparaging comments from international trade secretary Liam Fox concerning the attitudes of some British business leaders.

Mr Fox claimed productivity in the UK remains stagnated and exports are not being effectively targeted by many UK business leaders, as they would rather spend their afternoons "playing golf" than helping to bolster the national economy.

However, in a strongly-worded response, the CBI argued this is simply not the case and that now is not the time for in-fighting between the government and UK business leaders, but instead all must come together to help the UK's "world-leading companies" to make the most of the exporting opportunities that are out there.

Supporting small to medium-sized enterprises across the UK should be a particular focus for the government, as the CBI argued these firms are the backbone of the national economy and will be a key driver of future growth.

A CBI spokesperson stated: "The UK has innovative, ambitious and international firms of all sizes, sectors and regions. They are focused on trading across the world, creating prosperity for our nation and demonstrating that the UK is open for business.

"The CBI and industry look forward to working closely with the government to redefine UK global trading relationships for the benefit of everyone."