Businesses of all sizes 'should be working together'

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Partnership between companies of all sizes is essential

Companies of all sizes need to pull together to help to deliver the sustained economic recovery that will benefit everyone across the UK in the years ahead.

This is the view of both the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), with the two bodies now working together to better promote the needs of all UK firms.

As part of these efforts, both groups last week took part in the Great Business Debate in London that was held at at Birkbeck College. It saw representatives from both the CBI and FSB joined by director of public policy (UK & Ireland) at Amazon Lesley Smith and chief executive officer of Creative Nature Julianne Ponan.

The quartet discussed ways to ensure the issues and interests of businesses of all sizes and backgrounds are being addressed in the current challenging economic climate in the UK.

FSB policy director Mike Cherry said: "The business community is an ecosystem and entirely interdependent. We need to focus less on big v small business, and more on how to encourage mutually productive relations and the journey from small to big.

"We must remember that every business was small once and that many small companies have ambitions to grow."

His sentiment was echoed by CBI director general John Cridland, who added that the new government has "hit the ground running" in terms of its legislative approach to supporting industry.

Indeed, Mr Cridland noted the upcoming Enterprise Bill is set to provide increased support to entrepreneurs and established companies alike, as it aims to reduce regulatory burden and promote a stronger economic future for all.