Businesses 'must be ready for National Living Wage'

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Companies need to be ready to implement the National Living Wage

Businesses of all sizes are being encouraged to ensure they are fully prepared for the upcoming implementation of the new National Living Wage across the UK.

Company leaders are being encouraged to get their affairs in order when it comes to introducing pay increases for all staff that are eligible for this national increase in salaries.

Business minister Nick Boles stated: "The government’s new National Living Wage will provide a direct boost to over two-and-a-half million workers in the UK - rewarding and providing security for working people.

"I am urging businesses to get ready now to pay the new £7.20 rate from April 1st 2016. With just under four months left, there are some easy steps employers can take to make sure they are ready."

Indeed, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has published some helpful tips on what companies now need to be doing to be fully prepared for the implementation of this national pay rise for the UK's lowest-salary workers.

These tips include:

  • Being aware of the correct rate that staff will receive (£7.20 per hour).
  • Understand which staff members must be shifted to this increased rate by the cut-off of April 1st.
  • Communicate these changes as soon as possible to all that will be affected.
  • Update the company payroll to ensure pay increases are introduced by the deadline.

By following these simple steps, there should be no excuse for firms in failing to roll out the new National Living Wage for all workers that it will apply to.