BIS launches productivity plans consultation

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A new consultation into productivuity improvements has been announced by BIS

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has announced the launch of a new consultation that will examine in detail the proposals put forward by the government to bolster national productivity across the UK during the course of this parliament.

Announced by the BIS Select Committee, the inquiry will be the first of this new parliament and will be focusing upon the main causes of low productivity in the UK and whether or not the measures proposed in the government's new Productivity Plan will address these problems.

Iain Wright MP, chair of the BIS committee, said: "Productivity is the pressing economic challenge of this parliament and tackling the productivity gap is crucial to the UK's economic competitiveness and to improving workers’ living standards.

"Launching this inquiry marks the start of the committee playing a constructive role in assessing the government's Productivity Plan and ensuring it delivers meaningful results for the UK economy."

The committee is now keen to receive written submissions of the views of members of the public that relate to one or more of the following questions:

  1. Do you agree with the government's assessment of the reasons for the UK’s productivity slowdown?
  2. Why has the UK's long-term investment been so low up to now?
  3. How can we ensure that the measures relating to long-term investment in the new plan will contribute to productivity growth?
  4. What are the main weaknesses of our economy, in terms of dynamism, which are suppressing our productivity?
  5. Do the measures introduced in the plan address those weaknesses and are they appropriate?
  6. Overall, does the plan adequately address the main causes of low productivity in the UK?

All written evidence must be submitted by September 10th, with the Select Committee expected to publish its full findings some time after - a deadline for final publication has not yet been announced.