Being flexible at Christmas 'can help employers attract and retain top talent'

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Employers could boost their chances of attracting and keeping hold of talented people by being flexible over the Christmas period.

This is the view of Kronos, which said more than half of employees in the UK are unable to get into the festive spirit because of the demands of their job.

Indeed, more than one in three people revealed they do not have a choice of what days they work, IS4Profit reports.

Furthermore, one in five said they have ended up working either on Christmas Day or New Year's Day.

Bosses have therefore been encouraged to be more accommodating over the festive season, in order for their staff to genuinely enjoy the seasonal celebrations.

This, he said, could have considerable benefits beyond the Christmas period, such as enhancing their reputation as an employer.

Neil Pickering, industry and customer insights manager at Kronos, commented: "While not everyone can enjoy flexible working or extra holidays during the busiest time of the year, being fair, transparent and empowering employees to make decisions that balance the needs of the business and their personal lives will make your organisation stand out when attracting or retaining the best talent."

Mr Pickering insisted that if organisations look after their staff at Christmas, they will be rewarded with a motivated, productive and engaged workforce.

"It is important that employers start by listening to their employee needs and preferences and act upon the information to create fair and equitable work schedules," he said.

Kronos added that enabling staff to start and leave earlier or later than usual would help them balance their work responsibilities with those at home, such as having to spend time with relatives and do Christmas shopping.