Admin 'placing time pressures on small businesses'

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Credit iStock/seb_ra

The burden of red tape is stopping many small business owners from putting time into growing their ventures, experts have warned.

According to a study by instantprint, a typical small business owner spends more than a quarter of a normal week dealing with admin.

As a result, many are finding it hard to devote enough time to driving growth in their company.

In fact, ten per cent of respondents admitted they spend less than an hour every week actively trying to boost profits.

A further eight per cent revealed they find it very hard to get any time at all to focus on growing their firm.

James Kinsella, co-founder of instantprint, commented: "We all know how it feels to fight the clock. There are only so many hours in the day to get everything done and small businesses are feeling the squeeze.

"It’s interesting to see from the research that, while factors such as admin and staff management have an impact on productivity, it is the management of our hours, minutes and seconds that have the biggest effect on the running of a successful enterprise.”

The time pressures have reached such a point among small business owners that many are keen to increase their headcount.

One in four respondents said they thought the situation would get better if they brought in an extra person.

The study went on to identify which regulations are causing the biggest problems for small business owners.

Complying with employment law regarding working hours and holidays was flagged up as a particularly big drain on their efficiency.

Others highlighted invoice processing and managing customer service as tasks that impact on the amount of time they have to get on with other things each week.