Action needed on 'poor quality jobs'

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Poor quality jobs could be hurting many families' finances

General secretary of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) Frances O'Grady has called for swift government action to address the issue of poor quality jobs in the UK.

Ms O'Grady responded to a new report published on Monday (September 28th) by UK debt charity Step Change that showed many families up and down the country remain reliant on zero-hours jobs, fixed-term jobs and self-employment to make ends meet.

However, the report went on to add that the lack of stability surrounding these types of employment means many households are facing ongoing financial difficulties at a time when the government claims a lasting recovery is taking hold across the UK.

"The best way to keep families out of problem debt is to improve the quality of jobs. But there are too many workers without a fair wage, enough hours of work, or a secure employment contract," Ms O'Grady commented.

"The government must do more to improve the quality of jobs."

She added that growing levels of household debts have been a major issue for several years, but the government continues to shirk its responsibilities in helping those most in need of support.

Helping to create more stable jobs with higher salaries will be at the heart of addressing these problems in the years ahead, while the TUC is also calling for a "stronger safety net" to help to keep families and individuals free from issues of debt when bad luck strikes.