UK entrepreneurs 'not taking holidays'

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UK entrepreneurs 'not taking holidays' (image credit: iStock/Nadezhda1906)

Everybody needs a break every now and again; a chance to rest and recharge, but many of the UK's entrepreneurs are ignoring this fact and they may be paying a heavy price as a result.

Starting any new business can be a stressful affair and it undoubtedly takes up a significant proportion of a person's time. However, new research published by Lloyd's Bank has shown the extent to which many new business owners are making sacrifices to keep their enterprise up and running, with more than one-third stating they haven't taken a break in the last two years.

Jo Harris, managing director at Lloyd's Bank Retail Business Banking, said: "Being your own boss delivers countless benefits, but the responsibility that comes with it can make it harder to switch off and go on holiday.

"This drive and determination is the lifeblood of start-ups, but it's important to seek out ways of getting support to allow you to take a break."

Essentially, time away from the daily excitement of running a business may not be appealing to some entrepreneurs, but it is important to do so as there are some significant benefits that they could be missing out on as a result.

A holiday can be the perfect opportunity to reflect on how things are going, while this time away can be a much-needed chance to mentally decompress and assess the future.

Anyone launching a new venture will be bombarded with things they simply need to do there and then, but scheduling some time out to relax and unwind and get away from it all can really have a positive impact on the future of a business.