Start 2016 with a bang and boost employee morale

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Happy staff could boost businesses in 2016

Entering into the new year can be an exciting time for many UK business leaders, but this is not always the case for members of staff that may be slightly lower down the corporate pecking order.

For some people, heading back to work after the festive break can be a demoralising affair, as they give up the freedoms of an extended holiday and return to the hum-drum of their day-to-day duties. However, company bosses that are keen to get the most out of their employees can take steps to ensure this isn't the case among their workforce.

Founder of UK recruitment firm CV-Library Lee Biggins told that what many business leaders fail to take into account is the need for work to be a place that their staff want to come to every day, rather than simply being a way to pay their bills.

As a result, companies that are able to develop the best levels of productivity are usually the ones that can truly motivate their staff, so here are just a few tips on how to achieve this in the new year.

Encourage staff to take regular breaks

Far from overworking employees, the most successful companies are the ones that recognise that workers will be able to do their best if they they are not stressed out and run from pillar to post. By giving people the correct encouragement to regularly take a break from their daily duties, they can tackle each new task and problem afresh.

Recognise good work

Make it a regular practice to single out individuals to praise them for their efforts and the work that they carry out. A little appreciation really can go a long way and can make all the difference in whether or not staff members will be motivated to head into the office and give their all each day.

Be creative and fun

Work should not be all about the bottom line and making money, it should also be about the relationships that are forged among workers and a great way to exemplify this is through fun events. Have dress-down days, a baking rota, celebrate people's birthdays and encourage people to meet up out of the office - the best thing to keep workers motivated to give their all can often be that feeling of family that comes from a unified workplace.

Make the office bright and beautiful

Bring nature into the corporate world by doing away with the old school cubicles and sterile work environment and instil some greenery around the place, with potted plants and other natural ornaments. Also, give people the green light to dress that bit more casual in order to foster an air of relaxation around the place, while encouraging brighter colours of dress can also help to boost levels of workplace happiness.

Mr Biggins concluded: "Banish Blue Monday and boost morale in the office by implementing these tips and your employees will have something to look forward to as soon as they enter the office.

"Not only will this help them to feel more positive about the day ahead, but it will provide your staff with a happier environment in which to work and, ultimately, increase productivity.

"One thing to watch out for, however; if you notice any of your workers in a consistently low mood, try having a one-to-one with them to make sure everything is ok, as sometimes there's a lot more going on than just the winter blues."