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Reap the rewards of the right branding and logo (image credit: iStock/DragonImages)

There's something about having the right logo that helps brands to stick in the minds of the consumer. Take, for example, the apple of Apple or the mermaid of Starbucks - these are instantly-recognisable representations of a brand, and they relay a message that other types of marketing never could.

Sammy Blindell, founder of marketing company How to Build a Brand, told that companies of all sizes should not be afraid to experiment in finding the right logo for them, as this simple image can act as their calling card in what can be an extremely crowded marketplace.

He argued a well-designed logo should convey the ideals of your business and represent the core values of your brand. However, creating the perfect logo is not that simple, as it needs to not only reflect your company's ethos, but stand out from the crowd.

Hiring the services of a professional who understands the underpinnings of your brand is therefore essential, as any inconsistency in the message that a logo conveys can drive away potential customers.

Mr Blindell advised: "Pay attention to your gut reactions to that logo, rather than judging it on beauty or ingenuity. What feelings does it raise? What impressions does it give? Whose attention will it attract?

"Answer these questions honestly (or ask a panel of ideal customers to answer them), and if the answers align perfectly with your brand, you've got your company logo."

Every element of a successful logo will be clearly linked to the message of the brand and by doing so, it provides a visual reminder to customers of the reasons they pay for specific products or services.

Visuals play an important role in driving brand awareness, as they offer a succinct and universally-understood representation of a company. Consistency in delivery and professional design are therefore integral to this process.

Businesses of all sizes therefore need to realise that a well-worked logo is not simply the reserve of the biggest corporations, but a tool they themselves can use to drive growth and give voice to their ideals in a way like no other.