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Remote working could have significant benefits for many businesses

Businesses across the UK should be moving with the times and embracing the benefits that can result from offering remote working capabilities to staff.

With a minimal level of investment, modern businesses can make use of the latest technologies to give their employees access to essential systems when out of the office, and while some bosses may be reticent to give up the on-hand oversight they have with office workers, giving increased flexibility and trust to employees can reap real rewards in the long term.

Indeed, reports that it can be a win-win situation for both employers and employees when companies shift to a more flexible out-of-office approach to work responsibilities.

Enabling individuals to have greater autonomy can lead to a significant improvement in levels of staff satisfaction and a healthier work-life balance, while at the same time, this increased happiness can deliver improved levels of productivity.

Collaboration and communication are the key to delivering a worthwhile remote working arrangement, as businesses need to be assured that staff members operating outside of the office environment are putting in their requisite hours.

Monitoring of workloads and having a forthright and open dialogue with staff about what is expected of them is therefore essential, but a well-managed remote working arrangement can be excellent for all parties involved if handled in the right way.

The far-reaching nature of the internet and the ubiquity of online connectivity means that today's businesses and staff are able to work in a flexible way that previous generations could only dream of. It is therefore important for companies hoping to make the most of modern technologies and the need for the highest levels of productivity from their staff to embrace the benefits of remote working sooner rather than later.