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Temporary staff could provide significant benefits to many firms

Many businesses may not realise it, but the type of staff members they employ could have a big impact on their ability to make the most of the opportunities presented as the recovery continues to take hold up and down the country.

Traditional permanent, full-time workers are the backbone of any business and these individuals should always be seen as the lifeblood of any successful firm. However, when it comes to investing in temporary staff, there are a range of benefits that this group can offer that company leaders might like to consider.

Immediacy in recruitment

The uptake of temporary staff can in many instances be carried out far more swiftly than for permanent employees, as the use of temping agencies means there is more often than not a wealth of talent available for businesses to draw upon in a clutch.

In circumstances when companies take on unexpectedly large orders or require a boost to their workforce over a short period, temporary workers can be the perfect solution to these short-term HR headaches.

Moreover, taking on a temporary staff member may also provide respite to stretched departments that are in the process of recruiting for full-time workers - ensuring responsibilities that need to be met in the short-term while a suitable long-term candidate is found are fulfilled.

Access to specialist skills

In every sector there are certain positions and responsibilities that require specialist knowledge and expertise to carry out.

However, for many companies, taking on staff on a permanent basis when their specialist knowledge may only be needed sporadically may not prove to be the most efficient approach, leading to higher wages bills and the potential that these specialists may feel their skills are being underutilised.

It can therefore be a better option to simply take on temporary staff when the need for a specialist arises, especially for smaller companies where every penny counts.

Increased flexibility

As previously mentioned, businesses that embrace the use of temporary workers are more able to efficiently respond to changes in their workload, but there are further benefits in terms of enhanced flexibility that company leaders should be aware of.

By advertising for positions on a temp-to-hire basis, managers can benefit from having an extended time in which to assess individual staff for their suitability of being offered more permanent roles within an organisation.

Finally, investing in more temporary workers could lead to greater motivation within the workforce as a whole, as short-term employees may be more motivated to give their all, especially if they have the prospect of receiving a full-time offer at the end of their contract.

Taking on more temporary workers could be an unsung boon for businesses both large and small, as this type of employee can help to provide a level of flexibility and access to skills that ensures firms of all sizes are able to make the most of the burgeoning recovery and go from strength to strength in the years ahead.