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Optimise social media for your business

Now considered one of the most prominent marketing tools for business, social media can seem a daunting task; particularly for small businesses. We can however ensure you that if managed well, social media can save you time and money on marketing costs, and boost your business. These tips will help you to master your social media and really make it a success.

1. Are you on the right platforms?

There’s so many social media platforms out there, and not only will you not have the time to be on them all; you really don’t need to be. Think about who your audience are and where they will be online.

Some of the most used, and successful, platforms are: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Do a bit of research and find out the best platforms to reach your audience. 

2. Be consistent

Once you’ve chosen your platforms, use them. Don’t spend all of Monday morning producing posts only to ignore social media for the rest of the week. If you don’t have the time to post something every day, then use a programme such as Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule posts. It’s easy to get lost in people’s news feeds so you need to make sure that your potential customers are seeing you.

3. When should you post?

Your audience isn’t on social media all day, so posting at 9am every day when people are starting work might not be best for your business. Experiment with posts at different times of the day and see what is most successful for you. You may well need to be sending a few posts daily to reach the most amount of people.

4. Include links

You can’t include all of your information in one post, and by doing so you’re allowing potential customers to just read it and move on. Use social media as a way to direct people to a blog, website or special offer that you have.

5. Don’t push for the hard sell

It’s not as easy as just selling a product or service anymore. When consumers buy into something they also buy into the brand. Make your posts interesting; educate your audience. Show that you have knowledge in your industry, and share the personality of your brand. A good balance is 80 per cent general interest posts and 20 per cent sales. 

6. Are you creating the best quality posts?

As people are scrolling through their news feeds you want your post to really stand out. Make sure what you’re saying is interesting. Call out your audience, or ask them a question. This is much more likely to catch their eye than just directing someone to your website. Also, include an image. This is much more interesting than just words; make sure the image is relevant though.

7. Repeat yourself

Yes really! Don’t just send the same message over and over though, that will look like you’re not putting in any effort. Change the wording of your post and include the same link. The more you post, the more you’ll be seen.

8. Measure your success

You’re putting your time into social media, but what use is it if you don’t know the affect it’s having? The main platforms have analytics built in which show you the engagement and interactions your posts have. They’re simple to use once you know how, and there’s lots of information available online to talk you through it.

These tips should help to get you going with your social media and seeing results from it. It won’t happen overnight, but by properly managing your social media you should see improved results.