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Offices need not be hum-drum and dull

Businesses of all sizes have gone through a considerable change in recent years, with the days of individual cubicles for staff and a colder, corporate atmosphere being replaced with one that is more open plan and inclusive in many cases.

The introduction of the millennial worker to businesses across the UK has itself had a far-reaching impact on the way that many businesses are run, as this group has been found to respond in a far more positive manner to bringing an element of fun and collaboration into the workplace.

Serial entrepreneur Adam Breeden - founder of entertainment businesses including All Star Lanes, Bounce and Flight Club - therefore believes that business leaders should throw off the shackles of the old way of doing things and get with the 21st century.

This means dedicating space within the office for workers to relax and interact, while also offering new and interesting ways for staff to unwind. This could be through organised ping pong tournaments in the office, setting up a dart board, investing in a games console or just providing something that lets individuals get away from the stresses of their daily duties for ten minutes during the day.

Mr Breeden stated: "It might seem counter-intuitive for a business to implement initiatives that impact short-term profitability but in the long term, these same initiatives encourage productivity and, more importantly, are necessary to attract the high calibre, engaged workforce that is critical for any progressive or dynamic business.‚Äč"

Making the office a place for fun can help to keep employees at the top of their game, while also ensuring that the very best talent does not become jaded by the dull monotony of some types of corporate structure.

Inspiring creativity by enabling staff to get away from the hum-drum of their daily tasks for a few minutes really could be just the thing to help your company to move with the times and excel. Innovative businesses thrive on creativity and therefore encouraging workers to have a bit of fun in their day can be a great way to foster success.

Mr Breeden concluded: "From my experience in running three social entertainment venues, happy and engaged staff push each other to contribute above and beyond their capabilities and is what increases productivity in the workplace. That feel-good buzz is infectious and spreads like wildfire."

Businesses hoping to create a more collaborative atmosphere and encourage their staff to succeed should therefore consider the potential upside benefits of a more laidback approach to office life in the future.