Majority of workers 'putting in extra hours'

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Majority of workers 'putting in extra hours' (image credit: iStock/mrgao)

A new survey of UK work patterns has revealed a majority of staff at companies across the country are putting in extra hours beyond their contracted requirements.

Research published by wellbeing organisation CABA and reported by showed that 59 per cent of employees and managers are working longer than they should. Overall, almost one-third (29 per cent) stated they work more than an extra five hours per week.

Creating a positive work-life balance is important for people to ensure they avoid burnout, while properly supporting staff to carry out their daily responsibilities within their contracted hours can lead to enhanced productivity and improved efficiency for employers.

There are a number of ways that businesses can support their employees to work in a more positive manner, with recommendations including training to help individuals properly prioritise their workload, through to managing resourcing to ensure members of staff are not expected to do more than they can handle.

A happy and supported workforce is one that provides significant advantages for businesses no matter their size, with benefits including increased employee loyalty, an improved reputation that can lead to a firm becoming more attractive to top talent and fewer instances of staff sick days due to stress.

Indeed, savvy business leaders will ensure their workers are properly supported in their role, as happy and productive teams lead to improved outcomes for companies in the long run.