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Businesses should be encouraging their staff to be active at work

Leading a sedentary lifestyle can be something very difficult to avoid for individuals who work at a desk all day, but businesses should be encouraging their staff to get active, as this can lead to healthier, happier employees and a boost in productivity.

There are a whole host of benefits that come from encouraging staff to get active during their working day, ranging from increased levels of concentration to a reduction in ill health (and the associated time off that comes with this).

Company leaders should therefore be encouraging all their staff to stay as fit and healthy as possible, so here are just a few simple exercises that even the most desk-bound employee could fit into their daily routine:

Back twists -

Sitting up straight, individuals should place their right arm behind their right hip and twist at the waist to stretch. Repeat this with the other arm and in the opposite direction.

Gluteal squeeze -

Tense the buttocks and upper thighs for a prolonged period (around ten seconds) before releasing, relaxing and repeating.

Chair dips -

Place the arms at either side of the chair and lift the bottom, before letting it gently fall back to your seat; and repeat.

Elevated pushups -

Leaning on a sturdy piece of furniture, slowly push away with your body (effectively a standing pushup).

Abdominal stretches -

Sitting on the edge of your chair, stretch your arms out in front. Now, while keeping a straight back, contract the abdominal muscles and hold for a few seconds.

Arm pumps -

Place both arms above the head and hold at the elbows - stretch out the muscles for around 30 seconds.

Leg extensions -

While seated, extend the right leg until it is raised level with the hip and hold for as long as possible. Repeat this motion with the left leg.

Taking the time to carry out a few simple exercises such as those listed above can really make all the difference in terms of boosting wellbeing. Indeed, staff need to be encouraged to be as active as possible during their working day and doing so can help make for a happier workforce as well.

Overall, getting people active should be a top business priority for companies that take seriously their obligations to their workforce; making sure people have the chance to get up from their desk - even just walking around the office to make a cup of tea is better than sitting still all day - should be high on the agenda.