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Better businesses are built on happy workers

Recent years have been a particularly difficult period for many businesses, with the economic downturn resulting in a financial squeeze for many firms and, as such, companies looking to get more out of their staff to keep them afloat.

Increased productivity is certainly nothing but a good thing for a business to aim for, but one by-product of these increased workloads could be a sense of frustration or resentment if business leaders do not show their appreciation for these increased efforts.

Indeed, a new report published by Investors In People has shown as many as 57 per cent of UK workers - the equivalent of 17.4 million people - could be looking to move jobs in the coming year, with 60 per cent of respondents stating they are not happy in their current roles.

However, business leaders looking to address these concerns should not fret, as there are many ways in which staff wellbeing can be brought to the fore and any concerns addressed.

One of the most popular and effective methods for improving staff wellbeing and retention is to offer a competitive benefits package - this need not always be in the form of monetary gains either, with things like flexi-time and out-of-office working often extremely appreciated perks.

Providing a clear path for career progression within a business can also help to ensure individuals do not stagnate in their current role and look elsewhere for that 'next step', while small perks like dress-down days, offering baked goods in the office or staff discounts on products can all also go a long way to improving workers' attitudes to their employer.

Achieving long-term success is ultimately built on a productive, fulfilled and happy workforce. It therefore pays for companies of all sizes to invest in employee wellbeing to make sure they keep their best and brightest as they strive for future gains.