How to create a healthy home office

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Workers should be supported to create a healthy home office

The number of Britons that have embraced home working in recent years has grown significantly and this has led to a boom in the proportion of workers that are making use of a home office.

According to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the percentage of people that now work from home on a regular basis in the UK stands at 13.9 per cent of the national workforce (the equivalent of 4.2 million people).

Overall, the ONS figures revealed that the number of individuals working from home has now almost quadrupled from when this metric was first recorded in 1998.

As a result, ensuring all staff are working in safe, comfortable and healthy surroundings should be the priority for all businesses that operate a flexible working policy.

So, how do we help all those that are regularly working outside of the confines of the office environment to do so in a suitable and sustainable manner?

One of the first things all home workers should look at is setting aside a dedicated space where they can work in peace and quiet, without the distractions that can all too easily come with the extra freedoms that flexible working provides.

Creating a dedicated home office is a popular and sensible solution to this problem, as doing so can help staff to maintain a healthy work-life balance, even when their work might be carried out predominantly at their place of residence.

The next thing home workers should examine is the setup of their office space.

A comfortable and ergonomic approach will reap dividends in the long-term, helping individuals to avoid issues like cramps and other aches and pains from extended periods of sitting or working in the same place.

Home workers should invest in a sturdy desk and chair combination that ensures they can maintain a healthy posture throughout the day, while the installation of blinds can help to keep screen glare to a minimum for those that use a computer.

Moreover, bringing in some greenery into the home office can work wonders towards helping people to feel that more relaxed and stress-free while carrying out their daily duties - although you must remember to regularly water the plants, as being surrounded by dead shrubbery will obviously have the opposite to this desired effect.

Bringing in a filing cabinet or other storage items to keep work documents clean and tidy will also help to create a calm and conducive environment to a delivering a healthy work-life balance, while painting the room in warm neutral tones can also help to ensure the area is a happy and fulfilling place to work.