Employee engagement 'key to organisational performance'

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Employee engagement 'key to organisational performance' (image credit: iStock/NicoElNino)

Businesses that hope to perform at their best must ensure that staff are as engaged as they can be, both in their role and in line with organisation's overall goals.

However, situations can arise where individuals may lose their focus or become less engaged. It is at this time that company leaders need to take action.

Alan Price, employment law director for Peninsula Group, told smallbusiness.co.uk that in many cases, there are simple steps that can be taken to restore the confidence of staff and to get them back to being productive members of the group.

He sets out a number of key areas where businesses can focus in order to re-engage staff, these are:

  • Be clear on company culture - ensure that staff are aware of the culture that they are expected to work in and ensure individuals are given all the support they need to feel included in this.
  • Stay in the loop - again, relating to the idea that people are more engaged when they feel part of something, it is important to ensure all staff are regularly contacted and kept up to date with goings-on in a business (even if they work remotely).
  • Plan for the long-term - engagement should not be a short-term focus. It is important for individuals to feel safe and secure in order to get the best out of them. Therefore, help employees to progress towards their own goals and to have plans for the future; this will ensure they see a future with the business beyond the day-to-day.

Mr Price stated: "Many disengaged employees don't enter the workforce with a negative mindset, but somewhere along the way, whether it's due to a lack of development opportunities, an unsupportive work environment or inconsistencies within the company culture, these employees become uninterested in their job and the business."

However, by following the steps listed above, this is an issue that can be resolved in the majority of cases.