Effective cyber security 'a must for all firms'

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A focus on cyber security is essential for connected businesses

Significant growth in the number of online-enabled businesses has been witnessed in recent years, with innovations like cloud computing and big data analytics meaning companies can now draw upon more information on which to base their decisions and stay connected more easily.

It is therefore essential that businesses of all sizes take seriously the risks they face every time they venture into the online landscape, with cyber security one corporate concern that should not be pushed down the priorities list.

As such, company leaders should continue to focus their efforts when it comes to safeguarding their business from online threats and one of the primary areas where firms should look to invest is in the procurement and upkeep of effective malware and anti-virus software for all company IT equipment.

Other measures that can be crucial in the safe management of data include the strict control of access to both equipment and files - the use of strong passwords, encryption, user privacy levels, etc - as well as the installation of security systems within corporate premises to reduce the likelihood of issues like break-ins and theft of business equipment, which could contain both extremely valuable and confidential customer and client information.

The government continues to take seriously the support it can provide to businesses up and down the country in terms of reducing their likelihood of suffering at the hands of online assailants.

Indeed, the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills has this month released an update on its ongoing Cyber Essentials Scheme, which, while only launched last year, has already seen more than 200 companies accredited for their cyber security best practice.

Having in place the necessary skills, technologies and know-how to effectively safeguard corporate information should be a priority for all businesses and it is something company leaders should keep in mind next time they are considering the most pressing use of their resources.