Boost profit by investing in the cloud

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Boost profit by investing in the cloud

With such a competitive global market, small businesses need to keep up with new technology to give them the tools to really stand out. By choosing not to invest in these tools, you could be losing money for your business.

The cloud is proving an invaluable tool for businesses, and research undertaken by Pb7 Research for software company Exact shows that by embracing the cloud, small businesses have the opportunity to double profit. 

The results were published in the Small Business Cloud Barometer 2015 report. Companies that were actively using the cloud were achieving up to 25 per cent additional growth and doubling their profits. 

Unsurprisingly, the US topped the charts with 51 per cent of respondents using cloud software for their business, and 29 per cent using three or more applications. The UK were a close second, with 47 per cent using cloud software and 27 per cent using at least three cloud applications. 

While you may still be hesitant about investing in new and possibly unknown software, companies surveyed stated that they chose to invest in the cloud to improve security, lower IT costs, reduce their software maintenance requirements, and create more productivity and efficiency for the end-user. 

Investments proved a success among respondents, who reported increased productivity in their businesses, and easier more streamlined processes. The efficiency of the cloud improves business productivity and is proven to bring greater profitability, especially for small businesses.