Are you listening to your business?

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Are you listening to your business?

With markets progressing faster than ever, your business needs to constantly strive to be innovative, and to produce fresh ideas. As a small business with a small management team this can seem like a big task; but it doesn’t have to be.

Think about it; when you’re speaking to employees and customers, are you really listening? 

The traditional relationship between a boss and their employee is very static, with the boss simply telling their staff what they need to do to be productive in their role. This dynamic is however becoming less effective. 

You employed your staff for a reason; because they have skills, knowledge and passion for your industry. Utilise this! They don’t want to be mindlessly following instructions everyday. They have ideas and opinions on your business and the industry you’re in. Not only could you benefit from their ideas to grow your business, but by listening to them they will feel valued, thus improving your working relationship. 

You should also consider what your customers and potential customers are saying. These are the people who buy your product or service. They’re the people that your business is for. Listen to feedback and see how this can be used to improve your business. 

With so many businesses in the market, you need to really stand out. Spend some time every month really listening, and you might find new ideas and inspiration that could help your business to reach new heights.